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All product names, company names, logos, trademarks, service marks or other images on this website is for use by Orange Dog Outfitters, LLC only.  Either this information is owned by or has been given permission to Orange Dog Outfitters, LLC for it's personal company use. 


Use of these items thereof is strictly prohibited, unless provided with written consent from the owner or owners of Orange Dog Outfitters, LLC.  You may not under any circumstance publish, modify, recreate or transmit any of the copywrited works owned by or controlled by Orange Dog Outfitters, LLC for any commercial use.  You may not print, recreate, or view any of the contained images or information for any reason other than personal or informational use.  Commercial use of these items is strictly prohibited.


All product names, brand names, trademarks and other logos are for use in our partnerships or business relationships with these companies and organizations.  These may belong to other persons or companies.  Their own trademark agreements and law protection apply accordingly.


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